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What's a Photo Organizer?

Blue Pencil's mission is to provide custom photo solutions for today's busy lifestyles. Your most treasured possessions should be....treasured!


Ask anyone what they consider to be their most important belongings, the items they would rescue from their home if ever there was a disaster, and the answer is always the same.


"I would save my pictures."

So why is it, when asked about their most prized possessions, those same people often say this:


"My pictures are such a mess. I'm so overwhelmed."

Instead of enjoying memories, pictures have become a burden. People are feeling put off by the volume of pictures they have collected. Not only are we trying to manage the pictures we already have; we are taking more and more photos every day...more videos, more burst mode pics, more live photos, more everything! 95 million pictures are shared EVERY SINGLE DAY on Instagram, alone.

Let a professional photo organizer help take you from feeling overwhelmed to overjoyed. Blue Pencil provides a valuable service to ensure your irreplaceable memories can be loved now and in future generations.

Whether you need a little bit of help or a lot, let's get started!
Blue Pencil is based in Greenwich, Connecticut. Locally servicing Fairfield and Westchester Counties. Remote consultation available.

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