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Enjoy Your Photos: Lockets

Lockets always remind me of when I was younger. I think every teenage girl had a locket at one point in her life. My husband bought me this particular locket before we were married, although the front is engraved with my married initials (I was always dreaming). Truth be told, I haven't used the locket in a while. This week, we celebrated 18 years married and I when I first took it out of my jewelry box, I was surprised to find our wedding picture inside. Who knew that was in there? I cleaned it up and added a quick pic of my two girls and now it feels complete. I'm so excited to wear my locket again and my kids are also enjoying opening it to see what's inside. Even though they know what's in there, they still enjoy the peek when it's around my neck.

If you're feeling inspired to get a locket, there are a lot of companies. I think Monica Rich Kosann has really beautiful options. They have small, large, different colors, designs, different chain lengths, silver, gold, etc. They have some lockets that fit FOUR pictures! I also really think it's fun that they have software to help you personalize your locket so you can print text or pictures at home to fit right in your locket. Sometimes it's hard to get a picture small enough to fit inside so this is a really nice service they offer. Etsy is also a great place to find almost anything you want, including lots of options for lockets.

If you already have a locket and you want to get new pics to put inside it, I love getting my prints from Persnickety Prints. They have really great service, they ship fast and their prints are high quality. I can't confirm, but I think they have great customer service so if you need help sizing your pic to fit in your locket, I would give them a call to see if they can help.

I think a locket is a great way to enjoy some of your pictures. It makes a great gift for a grandma OR a little girl in your life. It's perfect for all ages! Have a great weekend and find more ways to ENJOY YOUR PICTURES!

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