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Happy New Year!

I think I heard that 2019 is the year of the pig. Well, I am PIGGING OUT with excitement to launch my new adventure back into.....working! AND blogging! Fun fact: I used to have a blog back when I was a new mom. I was home most of the day, raising kids, crafting, memory keeping and just plain trying to survive. Maybe you read my blog way back then. Maybe you didn't. Maybe you stopped reading because I just an exhausted mom, dealing with two tiny humans all day who were always hungry. But seriously, why is everyone always so hungry?

Ok, so back to what I was saying. I'M BACK! And I'm so excited to start off the new year here. I have some of my old blog traditions that I'm going to be bringing back to this new blog. I used to do this fun thing I liked to call, "Manage Your Mess Monday." And maybe I can come up with some other things to put up here that people would be interested in reading but my main mission is to talk about organizing and photos and just keeping life together while having adventures and lots of fun along the way.

Thanks for joining me and I can't wait to see what is going to happen in 2019! I know it's going to be a good year, for sure!

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