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Making Memories - Pi(e) Day Edition

Happy Pi Day!!! It's the big March 14, otherwise 3.14 or PI DAY!!!! Don't ask me to tell you the fourth number because, I'm sorry, is this day about PIE or is this day about PIE? Math, smath. I hear your 3.14 and I raise you one chocolate pie.

It seems every day there is something....National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, National Take a Nap Day, National Eat Your Veggies name it, there is a day for it. As I mom, I see all sorts of days being celebrated and there is no way I could try to do them all. But we do celebrate Pi Day as a way to be silly and create fun family memories. It's an annual tradition which has grown over the years. What started out as us having some pie after dinner every March 14th has turned into an annual celebration with friends. Isn't that what life is all about?

This year I was excited to kick off the day strong so I made a quiche last night. Unfortunately, one child had a belly ache this morning and another didn't like it (no hurt feelings, though). I thought it was tasty but will be looking for a more child-friendly breakfast option for next year's "kick-off to pi day" celebration. Any ideas welcome.

At noon today, I stopped working and began on the "Pi Day Pièce de Résistance." I mean, don't people usually take the day off for important holidays such as this? My kids requested this Pasta Pie again after we tried it last year. It's a once a year dinner, mostly because the time that it takes to line up the noodles and push the meat and tomato sauce into the rigatoni pasta is seriously insane. Like an hour of insanity, just to get the meat sauce in after you delicately stack the noodles into a pie shape. Luckily, my pi day friend came over halfway through and took over so I could start working on the banana cream pie. If the kids didn't love this pasta creation so much, no way I would do it. But I really cannot complain about chatting with a friend while we were working on it. Again, this is what life is all about, am I right?

All in, it was a great Pi Day dinner. We ended up with the Pasta Pie, an delicious quiche (not the one I made) and a pizza. For dessert we had banana cream pie and grasshopper pie. No one left hungry and we maybe let the kids have TWO slices of dessert pie....but who's counting? You can bet we documented this fun evening and I'll be looking through the pics later and picking a couple to go in our 2019 family album!

I dare you to look through a list of silly "holidays" and pick just one this year for your family to celebrate. It may be a dud. It may be great! You don't know until you try and I bet you'll have fun either way!

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