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Manage Your Mess Monday - Birthday Card Edition

A long time ago, when my kids were little, I had a blog. I used to do this silly thing I called "Manage Your Mess Monday" because....well I've always been a little nutty on the organization around here. I'm really excited to bring it back for some Mondays and I wanted to share a little bit about how I tame some of the stuff that comes into our home. It's not just pictures that need to be curated, it's all the other stuff that comes when you have kids...artwork, paperwork, cards, etc. One way to deal with birthday cards is to throw them out. That's a great idea! Really, if you don't feel like keeping them, let go of the guilt and just LET THEM GO. I promise not to judge you.

But if you decide you want to keep them.....I have a solution for you. I know when my kids are in their rooms and having a moment where they could use a little pick me up, they can reach for their card books. It will bring back good memories. It will remind them that their friends and family love them and came to celebrate their existence. It is a way to brighten their mood when they see a hand drawn birthday card or stick figure picture. I told my kids they don't have to keep the cards. It doesn't matter to me. I'm certain some day they will get thrown in the recycle bin. Until then, they can enjoy looking through their cards and I will enjoy not having a huge mess of cards all mixed up on the floor.

How do I make these little books? It's so easy! After all the birthday cards have entered the house, I pull them all together into a pile. I use a single hole punch to punch three holes in what I want to be the back card and the front card. Next, I line up the cards and punch holes in the same spots. Then, I use some leftover ribbon or yarn to tie them together into a little book. It's fast. It keeps them together. It's a way to enjoy the cards a little bit more. Hey, those cards ARE expensive so why not get a little more bang for your buck? I like to use a number card for the front of their "book" so it's easy for them to remember when it's from. You can also include a birthday invitation (or print out the Evite if you want to include a digital form with a list of friends who came to the party), a list of birthday presents received, pictures or a paper menu from a restaurant. There are all sorts of pre-made free birthday interviews forms out there in internet world you could download and include if you wanted. I don't do any of that, but it would be a fun idea. I like to keep mine simple with just the cards because it's easier that way and I like easy. Now, go forth and organize!

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