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How Can Blue Pencil Help You?


Printed Pictures


Do you have shoeboxes full of printed pictures? Did your parents drop off boxes of your childhood items and you don't know where to start? Do you have kids' artwork and other physical memorabilia sitting in piles, waiting to be tackled? Or do you know you're going to need a system for when your kids start bringing stuff home from school and other activities? If so, Blue Pencil can be part of your solution! Let's get systems in place and get your printed pictures organized so you can enjoy them at last!


Digital Pictures


Are you feeling overwhelmed from the sheer volume of digital pictures you have collected in a variety of places? Maybe you have a few pictures on an old phone, some SD cards, a couple cameras or some CDs. Blue Pencil can gather your images together in one spot. We offer help getting your systems safely backed up. Whether you work on a Mac or a PC, Blue Pencil can help you get organized using a system that's right for you.


Photo Projects


Do you have dreams of having a gallery wall in your home? Do you want to make a photo book from your vacation--but never seem to get it done? Do you want to create an online gallery to share with extended family or faraway friends? Do you wish you had time to make a traditional scrapbook with all of your old family photos? Let's talk about your unique projects and how Blue Pencil can help them become a reality!


Scanning & More


Would you be devastated if your printed pictures were ruined by an unforeseen disaster? Not only can Blue Pencil help you organize and edit your printed picture collection, we can take it one step further and digitize them to be backed up forever. And while we are at it, let's talk about all those old videotapes, slides and other memorabilia you have sitting around. Blue Pencil can come up with a plan for those, too!

Process Overview:

Your project begins with a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation to discuss your time frame and goals. Depending on the nature of the project, work can be done in your home, office or off-site. Organizing, projects and further consultations are charged at an hourly fee. Scanning for photos, slides and various media always includes cropping, rotating and renaming. Because each project is unique, estimates can be given for other projects upon further discussion. My goal is to create a system that can be easily managed and to deliver projects you will be proud to share. I value your stories and memories and am excited to work with you! Let's get started!

Whether you need a little bit of help or a lot, let's get started!
Blue Pencil is based in Greenwich, Connecticut. Locally servicing Fairfield and Westchester Counties. Remote consultation available.

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